Sales And Offer

Do we have SALES at SHAZA?

Certainly we have period of sales offering discounts on selected merchandise. The details would follow on the web page and other social media.

Personalization/ Customization

Do we personalize an order with name, motifs and specific design?

We take great pride in designing a piece with a customer feedback. ALMOST anything is customizable from size, colour, design and even name personalization.

Are the charges extra?

It depends upon the design request received and the customer will be well informed of the charges before starting production.

How much time does it usually take?

Depending upon the order, it may take from 5 days to 2.5 months to process, design, dispatch and deliver a customized order.

Do we provide luxury packaging and third party merchandising with our product?

We provide custom made gift packaging on order, for a minimum order of atleast 50 products. We can also incorporate any other vendor product of your choice. Their charges apply.